Stratford Police App

As a complement to the newly designed Stratford Police Service website, my team and I created a sleek informational app for mobile devices. The Stratford Police App was created to provide valuable information regarding necessary services in the Stratford region for the police service and the community. This helpful app includes information from parking to background checks for volunteers. It also includes essential phone numbers and details regarding local health/social services. 

The purpose of the Stratford Police App is to allow locals to easily find important information on-the-go using the app, rather than carrying around a stack of business cards and pamphlets.

On the main page, we seamlessly included a disclaimer located at the bottom to warn users that the app is for informational purposes only and is not intended for emergencies. As a group, we agreed that it was vital to include the most valuable information on the app and to eliminate the use of external links to avoid confusion. Other than including the essentials, user experience was also one of our main priorities. After thorough user testing, we aimed to perfect the way users interact with our app by reducing the amount of clutter on each page and ensuring a cohesive layout. Overall, the Stratford Police Service mobile app is an innovative way of providing clear and crucial details all under one simple app.

Check out our app here