Stratford Police Service

Visit website here

Visit website here

Context: In recent months, our GBDA class was given the opportunity to work with the Stratford Police Service. We must successfully complete three specific sections of the project: a website redesign, an informational app, and a social media plan. For months, my team and I spent countless hours planning and executing concepts to guarantee a superb  user-interface/user-experience. While understanding the logistics behind it all, we also wanted the new website and app to look modern and sleek but also conserving a friendlier appearance. 

Tools: Adobe Muse, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator

Result: To our surprise, Digital Media Instructor Stephenie Koerne, was thoroughly impressed with our proposal and invited us to participate in the Stratford Project Showcase 2016. This allowed us to exhibit and demonstrate our project to many instructors, bloggers, students, and many more.

My team and I were honoured to be rewarded for the official implementation of our redesign and social media plan. 

Inspector Foster and Constable Dave Stewart from the Stratford Police Service were exceptionally impressed, thus, rewarding my team and I the official implementation for the new Stratford Police website and social media plan. The updated website will officially be active by the end of 2016.  

Police App.jpg

Stratford Police App

As a complement to the newly designed Stratford Police Service website, our team create a sleek informational app for mobile devices. The Stratford Police App was created to provide valuable information regarding necessary services within the Stratford region for the police service and the community.

Tools: Invision and Adobe Photoshop

Social Media Plan.jpg

Social Media Plan

As a group, our main concern for the Stratford Police Service was the lack of online presence and engagement. Our key objective is to focus on utilizing social media platforms to the fullest potential. This means building deeper relationships with the community, expanding the user engagement, and proactively publishing content on these networks.


Style Tile

After completing a competitive analysis of other police departments within Ontario, I recorded the similar attributes of each website. Colours, textures, and adjectives were inspired by each police department.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Google Fonts