CUTC Graphic Design

Since 1999, the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference provided 4500+ students from all across Canada the opportunity to share the passion for technology. With speakers from  Khan Academy and Kik, CUTC brings a stimulating and influential convention for students to learn, explore, and inspire - all packed in two fun-filled days!

Mid-December of 2015, I was given the opportunity to become a Design Lead, working closely under the Director of Design, for the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference held in Toronto. After working with dedicated and innovative individuals, I was inspired to join CUTC for the second time - this time as the Director of Design. 

Working with two other designers, I take the lead in conducting meetings, voicing opinions, inspiring others, and creating eye-capturing posters and other digital/physical content.


CUTC '17 Logos

CUTC wanted to rebrand the overall look for 2017. Taking into consideration of the new theme, Elevate, my team and I had to create a new logo. 



General Poster

A fraction of my tasks as a graphic designer at CUTC was to create a boat load of posters to be printed and uploaded onto online platforms. Using Illustrator, I created a lightbulb to resemble technology - ultimately becoming the main logo for the conference.

As this was one of my first big projects for CUTC, I've learned what my strengths and weaknesses are and is able to build on them as I evolve as a digital designer.


CUTC Infographic

Exploring with different ideas relevant to our theme this year - Elevate - I created an infographic that is both visually appealing and informative. This was posted on CUTC's official Facebook to allow users to understand the brand a little better.