CUTC 2017 Logos

Like most rebranding, there must be some design objectives required.

  1. Design a pair of visual identities for the CUTC conference that are distinctive.
  2. Incorporate a connection with the values, mission, history, and aspirations for the future of the CUTC.
  3. The brand identities needed to strike a balance of being contemporary to feel up­to-­date, but also classic to stand the test of time. They had to be professionally executed and released with proper guidelines and working files so that the designs could be properly implemented each year and also evolved in the future.
  4. The identity needed to work online, offline, in monochrome, and at greatly differing sizes given the wide range of media that the brand will be used upon (e.g. banners, t­-shirts, websites, business cards).

Logo #1 - Ocean Wave

Prior to creating the potential logos, I had to brainstorm what was appropriate and connected to the new theme the best. Elevate is defined to rise or lift up to a higher position. An ocean wave elevates from low levels to high levels. Sticking to the same CUTC foundation colour scheme, I chose various colours of reds to imitate the different levels of wave ripples. I used the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator for the overall design of the logo. 

Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Mountains logo.jpg

Logo #2 - Rocky Mountains

Similar to the ocean waves, the mountains represent an elevate touch. These sky-high mountains portray a sense of challenge and motivation; beginning at the bottom and rising to the very peak of the top. Using mainly the paintbrush tool on Illustrator, these hand drawn lines were perfected to resemble the edges and curves of the Rocky Mountains located in B.C.

Why the Rocky Mountains? It's a Canadian landmark inspired by the large spectrum of undergraduates from all across Canada - many from Alberta and British Columbia.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator