Personal Branding

As a digital designer, personal branding is exceptionally important. Inspired by eye-catching colours and simplicity, I've created a fun but appealing brand that represents my personality and style to the T. Branding is your experience, as well as, a personal story to communicate to the public. 

"A great brand is a story that's never completely told. A brand is a metaphorical story that connects with something very deep - a fundamental appreciation of mythology. Stories create the emotional context people need to locate themselves in a larger experience."
Scott Bedbury (Nike, Starbucks)

Business Cards

Using fun, pastel colours, I've mimicked a geometric aesthetic that thoroughly represents my admiration for lines, shapes, and structure. The colours chosen was inspired by my lively personality and sense of self. As a huge advocate for simplistic and minimalist design, my business card represents that very well - without it looking too dull and unimaginative!      

The Techniques

business card front.jpg


Muted colours, sharp lines, and simple patterns were perfected using Adobe Photoshop. I admire the idea of simplicity and intricacy working together to co-create a design that represents my personality and my brand as a whole.

business card back.jpg


Inspired by edge-y geometric shapes, I've adapted a triangular theme with precise white lines. The font, Josefin Sans, is easily readable and provides a very clean look to the overall design.

business card colour.jpg